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Multi Mount bracket is designed to be versatile for any displays at the corner post in the cab.

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Need to have quick access to your phone or a tablet while your out in the field? The Multi Mount bracket is designed to be a versatile monitor bracket that hold so much more than just a John Deere screen.   

Because of its design, you'll have options. For starters the John Deere BRE10015 (BRE10255) Cell Phone Mount Bracket Kit and/or BXE10479 Tablet Bracket Mount Kit are a natural fit.   

The bracket is reversible, so the slot can be positioned on the right or the left side of the John Deere AMS display.  The Multi Mount bracket is laser cut from 3/16 HRPO Steel and is powder coated for a lasting finish.  The bracket holds up to tough field conditions.  

The design is well thought out to allow for the use of standard John Deere mounting hardware or the Quick Change Bracket.   The slot is position just far enough away from the screen to allow for the rotate of the Quick Change Bracket.  And the 2630 screen is positioned so that all harness plug in points have clearance during install and removal.  The Multi Mount also works with a John Deere 2600 Display.

Space is limited in the cab, it is nice to have quick access to all of your devices. The Multi Mount gives you more options at the corner post than ever before.