RAM Mount Reference Guide


Under Radio Combine Bracket From
To Mount a John Deere GreenStar Screen
using the Under Radio Bracket (DB62635)
you will need one (1) of each:

Part No.

RAM-202U-12 1" x 2" rectangular base with a 1.5" rubber ball size
RAM-201U Standard double socket arm with 1.5" ball bases
Pick one of the options below:
RAM-270U - $30
DBRAM25 - $19
Compatible with John Deere Screen such as GS2600 & GS2630 - 1.5" Rubber Ball
Compatible with the 4-Bolt Pattern on Monitors such as GEN4 4640 - 1.5" Rubber Ball
  Part Number: Description    
Large Phone Holder | X-Grip RAM-HOL-UN10BCU *Double Check Phone will Fit
Cradle Dimensions:
Minimum Width = 1.75" (Min Height = 5.5")
Maximum Width = 4.5" (Min Height = 3.25")
Depth = 0.875"
Universal Phone Holder with Ball | X-Grip RAM-HOL-UN7BCU *Double Check Phone will Fit
Cradle Dimensions:
Min Width = 1.875" (Min Height = 4.25")
Max Width = 3.25" (Min Height = 2.25")
Depth = 0.875"
Tablet Universal Holder for 7"-8" | X-Grip RAM-HOL-UN8BCU *Double Check Tablet will Fit
Cradle Dimensions
Minimum Width = 2.5" (Min Height = 7")
Maximum Width = 5.75" (Min Height = 4")
Depth = 0.875"
Stack-N-Stow 1.5" Ball
For Phone Holder Base
RAP-395W-BCU For Aspen Alley Base Plates
Standard double socket arm, has a socket at both ends that accommodates 1.5" ball bases. RAM-201U To Connect Stack-N-Stow to X-Grip
Deere Part No. for RAM Mounts
Tablet Holder BRE10255 Complete RAM Mount Kit through John Deere
Cell Phone Holder BRE10015 Complete RAM Mount Kit through John Deere

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