Stabilizer Clamp for 70 Series Combine Bracket - DB70911

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The Stabilizer Clamp tightens up the John Deere Greenstar Monitor Bracket in a 70 Series Combine fixing the loose bracket issue.  This clamp squeezes the OEM bracket to the round pipe keeping it from flopping around.  Takes less than 2 minutes to install, no drilling required.

"I just put it to the test in my roughest field and this clamp works great!  The display is now firmly in place. " - Mat P from IN.

How does it work?  The two metal pieces slide together and squeeze the arm of the monitor bracket to the round pipe.  The two bolts hold it in place making the monitor bracket more solid and stable.  


This clamp fits the GPS Monitor Bracket pictured.  If you have questions please call: Scott 406-580-4643

Combine Bracket Stabilizer Clamp | Part No. DB70911

This Clamp works on 60 and 70 Series John Deere Combine, R450 Windrowers and CS690.

$525 for a New John Deere Complete Bracket Part Number: AXE16786 sub for AH220633

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