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Display Bracket

Angle Adjuster Bracket with 1.5" RAM Mount

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DB11422 ___[M9B, B1]___
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  • 1.5" Ram Mount ball for a John Deere 4640 or 4240 Monitor
  • RAM Mount for John Deere 2 Bolt Pattern - 1.5" Ball
  • 1.5 inch RAM  Mount for a 20/20  Precision Planting SeedSense Monitor

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Angle Adjuster Bracket with 1.5" RAM Mount Ball
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Adjust the angle of the ball for the perfect screen position. This bracket comes with a 1.5" Ram Ball with an aluminum base, which means less vibration in the field. It works with Display Bracket Mounts with the hole and slot pattern.

Why do I need to adjust the angle? While RAM Mounts are very adjustable, there are still times when the arm contacts the support shaft of the ball and you can't position the screen to the right angle. This bracket solves that problem.


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