Phone Holder Kits


With 7 different mounting options to pick from, its the perfect spot for your phone, right next to your other screen.  There are mounting options for John Deere Tractors, Combines, Windrowers and Sprayers. As well as Case IH Pro 700 Monitors and Trimble TMX 2050 Display with the 4-Bolt Pattern.  

- Easy to install, no drilling required
- Kit includes everything you need
- Heavy duty base plate holds your device securely in rough fields 
- Includes RAM Mount X-Grip Phone Holder - You pick the right size for your phone.

NO DRILLING - The heavy duty base plate is mounted between the arm rest and the display.




Mounting Options:
SMALL 7 in. SCREEN (3-Bolt Pattern) - This phone holder works on R-Series Tractors, S-Series Combines and the W200 Series Windrowers with small screen on the Command Arm.
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 Gen 4 Large Screen (4-Bolt Pattern)- This phone holder works with the large 4600 monitor found on the GEN 4 Command Arm in John Deere Equipment.  (NOTE: This item does not work on a 6R tractor with IVT)
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2600 or 2630 AMS Greenstar Monitor 
- Mounts to the 2-Bolt Patter for a John Deere GreenStart Monitor.  This base plate can be rotated so that the phone could be mounted in one of the four corners of the screen (Upper Left, Upper Right, Lower Left or Lower right).
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John Deere Large Ag Cab for Tractors and Sprayers - From the 8100 to an 8030 Series, 7020 to 7030 Large Frame, 4730 Spray.....If the cab has the two (or sometimes 4) bolts between the console and the window, this phone holder will work. This holder will fit John Deere model 7630, 7720, 7730, 7820, 7830, 7920, 7930, 8100, 8110, 8120, 8130, 8200, 8210, 8220, 8230, 8300, 8310, 8320, 8330, 8400,  8410, 8420, 8430, 8520, 8530 and John Deere Equipment with this style console.
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70-Series Combine, S550 or CS690 - Puts the phone holder at the upper left of the small screen away from the window and inline with the corner post.
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Case IH AFS Pro 700 Monitor - This phone holder works in tractors and combines or where ever a Pro 700 screen is installed.  Easy to install, just remove the four bolts and install the base plate.
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Trimble TMX 2050 Monitor -  Phone holder mounts between the Trimble display and the RAM Mount ball with the 4-Bolt Pattern.


Got it in my 2016 John Deere 9470R, works like a charm!
Product: Phone Holder Mounting Kits
Posted By: Creed M.


I have 3 they are sweet
Product: Phone Holder Mounting Kits
Posted By: Cade Q.

Excellent bracket!

Extremely good quality bracket and awesome customer service. I lost the bolts and spacers that came with it and they sent me new ones fast. Great experience all around!
Product: Phone Holder Mounting Kits
Posted By: Bo Fowler

They work awesome!

Product: Phone Holder Mounting Kits
Posted By: Boone M.
I think we are up to 11 of them so far. Need 4 more this fall.

Perfect Fit!

Product: Base Plate for Ram Mount Phone Holder
Posted By: Wade J.
Got the bracket and it fits perfectly. Used my own RAM Mount and it went on smooth as silk. Great Product. Thanks for the Help!

Phone holder

Product: Phone Holder Mounting Kits
Posted By: John E Strickland iii
The phone holder for John Deere 8R tractor is awesome holds the phone perfect for access and viewing.

It's definitely a must-have....

Product: Phone Holder Mounting Kits
Posted By: Adam A.
Got one in my combine, it's definitely a must-have. Added a headset to it and now you are ready for anything throughout the day.



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